Call for Sponsors 贊助詳情


2014 Coffee Championships orgainzed by Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association (HKPCA) sanctioned by World Coffee Events (WCE) & World Siphonist Championship (SCAJ) … our Champions represent Hong Kong in World level competitions again 50+ countries.

Sponsoring Hong Kong Barista Championship, Hong Kong Siphonist Championship & Hong Kong Cup Tasters Championship are great opportunities to highlight your brand’s messaging, products and services.  Targeted sponsorship opportunities provide the ideal platform to get your company in front of forward thinking coffee professionals.


  • 2013香港虹吸式咖啡師大賽冠軍梁海恩小姐,  於日本獲得2013世界虹吸式咖啡師大賽的總冠軍殊榮!
  • 2013年度的香港咖啡師大賽冠軍得主趙家寶先生,2014年6月於意大利獲得2014世界咖啡師大賽亞軍殊榮。


集思廣益, 同時亦歡迎各業界人士及個人,向本會提供寶貴的意見。

HKCC Sponsorship Benefit 2014

Competitions sponsorship opportunities available are:

  • Coffee Bean – Roasted Coffee
  • Green Coffee
  • Coffee Machines
  • Grinders – Espresso
  • Grinders – Siphon & Cupping
  • Batch Brewers
  • Coffee Creamer / Blenders
  • Cups
  • Fresh Milk
  • Refrigerators
  • Siphons
  • Siphons Heaters
  • Syrups
  • Gifts to Competitors & Judges
  • Lunch boxes for Volunteers
  • Beverages for Volunteers
  • Conventional and/or Online Media

Benefits of Sponsorship are:

  • Recognition on HKPCA website
  • Sponsor logo printed on the qualifying and final round backdrops
  • Display sponsored products on the competition area
  • Announcement of sponsors from the stage
  • Sponsor company name and logo listed in all marketing materials

We are always open to new ideas and if you have any other suggestions for sponsorship, we would be very happy to consider them.

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Contact Us:
Tel:(852)2614 0281
Fax: (852)2614 2329
Email:  / Elaine Wong


2 thoughts on “Call for Sponsors 贊助詳情

  1. Our company is in porcelain tableware field. We developed a range of coffee cups.
    And we would like to know more about sponsor of Cupping (bowl & spoon), also cups two field.

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    Sponsor: 【禮品贊助商】

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